Wednesday, December 14, 2011

White House Ghosts Captured on Film?

On December 5, 2011, I was invited to attend a White House Holiday Tweet-up.

When I returned home and looked at the pictures my husband and I had taken, I noticed strange orbs showing up on some of the pictures.

Even though we took tons of pictures in loads of locations (inside and out and under various lighting conditions), these orbs only showed up in a few locations and only within the White House.

It was an overcast, unseasonably warm December afternoon.

Most of our pictures turned out well. It's just that there were a few that raised a brow.

First, in the Vermeil Room.

And then I noticed another strange orb in the next image taken in the Center Hall.

But we didn't see anything odd in the pictures we took a moment later with the same camera in the Library...
 Or in the China Room.
 But back in the Center Hall, the mysterious spot returned.

The pictures we took of us climbing the stairs show nothing out of place. But then at the top of the stairs...
...It's back!

Nothing unusual showed up in the pictures of the large, shiny East Room or in the Green Room decked out with aluminum ornaments and trees.

The Blue Room, with the official Christmas tree filling the space, produced some of our best photos.

And then we entered the Red Room with its blood red walls.
 The orbs are back (or are they different ones?) And they're stronger than ever.

 And then they disappeared again...until we came to the high school students singing Christmas carols in the Cross Hall and entrance at the North Portico.

Is it dust on the lens? Was the camera picking up shadows of other camera's flashes? Possibly. Possibly.
But what if what we're looking at is the sign that some dedicated White House servants (or maybe even a President) is lingering in these hallowed halls, making sure the job gets done right?

A romantic thought? Perhaps. But what's Christmas without a rousing ghost story?

Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah!
And Have a Prosperous New Year!


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  1. Orbs often appear as a result of dust particles reflecting light, especially out doors. Photographs of orbs are the most common & inconsistent proof of ghostly sightings.

  2. I agree! It probably is dust on the lens. But it's fun to speculate that it could be something else, especially during the Christmas season when we all love a ghost story. Thank you for stopping by.