Monday, January 2, 2012

Roses on Parade

In honor of the Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl today, I thought I write a bit about growing roses.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I'm more interested in growing plants that feed me than in growing flowering plants. However...roses do provide rose hips, which are a great source for vitamin C!

Poor roses, I've been overlooking their value for too long. But no more. This past fall I planted a miniature rose bush.

The neighbor's lawn service already mowed it down to the ground once, but the feisty little plant came back, winning my admiration.

Quick and Easy Tips for the Care of Roses:
1. Plant bare-root roses in spring.
2. Plant potted roses in spring or fall.
3. Water regularly during the growing season.
4. Prune in early spring.
5. In areas where winters are cold, mulch heavily with mounding soil and piles of leaves topped with another layer of soil. (Or grow in pots and bring in during the winter months.)
6. Your rose bush should flower all summer and into the fall.

Hopefully, I'll have good things to report about my new rose bush (and pictures of its flowers) in the coming summer months.

If you have any tips on how to grow lush roses, please share them! After all, I'm a newbie when it comes to my roses.

Get your hands dirty!

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