Monday, February 6, 2012

Made in America Monday: All Amercian Clothing Co

It's Made in America Monday, where I feature a company that is producing (or selling) products that are made within the United States. Although you can find wonderful things made in other countries, I think sometimes we overlook the craftsmen and products that are being produced just around the corner.

So with the familiar slogan "Think Global, Act Local" in mind, I give you the second Made in America Monday. I hope you enjoy it.

The All American Clothing Company founded in 2002 is based out of Ohio. The company produces jeans, pants, shorts, shirts, and outerwear for men and women.

From their website:

"All American Clothing Co. competes in an industry that is considered to be 97% foreign made. Thus we receive emails on a daily basis asking if we are truly in the top 3% of USA Made apparel manufactures. Patrons constantly question us about raw goods and labor. I certainly cannot fault buyers for asking.... but the truth is we are one of the few that can legally claim to be USA Made. We exceed the Federal Trade Commissions strictest of rules. The backing offered by Made in USA Certified™ consistently helps us to satisfy our patrons that we are being honest, compliant and well within the FTC Act's conditions/rules. USA Made products and jobs are important and Made in USA Certified™ helps us to give comfort to the patrons that they are getting a genuine USA Made product."
~~Lawson Nickol, Co-Founder

"It's halftime America..." Great Superbowl Ad!

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