Monday, February 20, 2012

Made in America Monday: the Chevy Volt

It's Made in America Monday, where I feature a company that is producing (or selling) products that are made within the United States. Although you can find wonderful things made in other countries, I think sometimes we overlook the craftsmen and products that are being produced just around the corner.

So with the familiar slogan "Think Global, Act Local" in mind, I give you Made in America Monday.

Okay....this is my DREAM CAR. (Of the moment.) I admit it, I'm a techno geek. I love gadgets, and I've long been a fan of the electric car. I might have shed an angry tear when GM trashed the EV1. I might have even said I'd never buy another GM.

But they've returned with the Chevy Volt. And they're promising to redeem themselves with this "car of the future."

Made in the Hamtramch Assembly Plant in Hamtramck, Michigan, the Volt is primarily an electric car. It has a gas backup just to keep us from feeling nervous on our road trips.

The Details:
Electric MPG equivalent: ~90
Gas only MPG: ~35
Cost: ~$35,000+ (sighs)

Since it's President's Day, perhaps the patriotic thing for me to do is to go buy one.


Do you have any suggestions for future Made in America posts, please provide it in the comment section. I'd love to feature the product and give you credit for sending it.


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