Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pill Bugs, that's what's bugging me!

They're not bugs. They're not even insects. They are the beloved roly poly from our childhood.

And they've infested my garden soil.


I want them gone.

First some quick facts:
1. They are isopods and are related to shrimp and have gills! They need a wet environment.
2. They feed only on decaying matter unless they run out of food. Large populations of them can damage crops.
3. If they have a proper food source, they can actually be beneficial to your garden.

Yeah, yeah. I get that they can be wonderful and all. But I have a problem now.

I'd heard about putting beer into a can that buried in the soil and inviting the little buggers to the party. But I wasn't in the mood for sharing my beer.

Instead, I sprinkled horticultural grade diatomaceous earth liberally in my garden. The diatomaceous earth will dry them out, especially if they eat it. Within a few days the numbers in the soil had reduced dramatically.

YAY! My radishes no longer are getting gnawed on. Happy day in the garden again. :)

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